UserVersity (CBT) For SharePoint 2010
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UserVersity SharePoint 2010 computer based training, is comprised of four courses; Collaboration, Site Administration, Site Collection and Security which make up the Core Curriculum. UserVersity then expands your SharePoint education to include additional courses. Installation of UserVersity can be deployed in SharePoint or a LMS. Pricing is based on the number of users who will be using the UserVersity Education System from Mindsharp.

  Each UserVersity SharePoint 2010 lesson provides:

  • Video demonstrations that walk through every step of a task
  • Online quizzes to assess what was learned in each lesson
  • Outcome-based education that focuses on building clearly defined skills
  • Reliable content that has been tested and peer reviewed
  • Keyword searches to quickly locate the information you need
  • Earn Certifications

  Courses in UserVersity Include:

  • Collaboration The Collaboration Course focuses on effective collaboration in a team environment, a project group or simply connecting with your colleagues. The lessons in this course are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively interact with other site users using SharePoint Server 2010. The course is presented in 65 lessons which are divided between three modules.
  • Site Collection Administration This course is designed to teach an employee how to successfully administrate a SharePoint 2010 site collection.
  • Site Administrator The 13 lessons in the SharePoint 2010 Site Administration Course are intended to teach the non-technical end-user the necessary skills to successfully administer a SharePoint site. The lessons build off of the Site Owner Module in the Collaboration Course.
  • Security This course will teach site collection owners, site administrators and other interested personnel how to secure a list item, a list, library, site or site collection. These modules will also teach how to use DeliverPoint, a third-party tool designed to enhance the management of security in SharePoint.

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